Dogecoin Transfers to Ethereum Now Open via RenBridge

Cryptoodles is one of the first projects on Ethereum to implement Dogecoin utility.

Check out Cryptoodle’s official guide here on how to use your Dogecoin in the Ethereum blockchain.

The Ren Project has developed the “RenBridge” that enables Dogecoin to be transferred onto the Ethereum blockchain.

With Dogecoin on Ethereum, you can stake your Dogecoins with Cryptoodles to mine rewards or use your Dogecoin to buy other tokens on reputable decentralized exchanges such as SushiSwap.

Bringing your Dogecoin into the Ethereum Mainnet is made possible by using the Ren Project’s RenBridge.

What is the RenBridge?

The RenBridge wraps your Dogecoin into an ERC-20 token called $renDOGE. This token wrapping is needed for Dogecoin to be compatible with Ethereum projects since Dogecoin uses a different blockchain.

  1. Convert 100 Dogecoins into 100 $renDOGE
  2. Stake $renDOGE in Cryptoodles to earn another 100 $renDOGE
  3. Convert 200 $renDOGE into 200 Dogecoins
  4. Transfer 200 Dogecoin into your Dogecoin wallet

Dogecoin on Ethereum Project Highlights

This is a big step for Dogecoin to be adopted as a utility token throughout all blockchains in the industry because you can do more than just hold your Dogecoin.

Dogecoin is finally on Ethereum and it is a game changer.

Buying the Cryptoodle project’s native token $TODL with Dogecoin

The Cryptoodles project is building an ecosystem around the idea of interacting with technically advanced dogs and people. The $TODL token is the project’s native token. A guide to buying $TODL using Dogecoin can be found here.

Staking Dogecoin with Cryptoodles to receive Rewards

You can stake your Dogecoin with Cryptoodles in multiple ways to yield unique rewards. You can use your Dogecoin to provide liquidity to $TODL and receive trading fees overtime here.


You can now use Dogecoin in the Ethereum blockchain through the Ren Project’s RenBridge. Cryptoodles is one of the first projects on Ethereum to build web3 ecosystem for Dogecoin utility. You can stake your Dogecoin to earn new tokens, buy the Cryptoodles native token $TODL, and claim limited edition NFTs.



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