Toodle Loot Bag NFTs

3 min readSep 6, 2021

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Etherscan link to directly interact with the smart contract can be found here.

Instructions on how to mint can be found here.

Mint and interact with the smart contract at your own risk.


There was an experiment by the Toodle Labs dev team that tried to migrate animals onto the blockchain. The experiment was unsuccessful, but the minds of a number of dogs are now stuck in the blockchain.

We are now trying to guide the animals that are stuck in the blockchain to survive while trying to find a fix to return them back into the real world.

The Cryptoodle Ecosystem is currently in its Genesis stage.

Toodles, cyborg animals, are in charge of terraforming the Cryptoodle Ecosystem to something that can be inhabited by the next generation of Toodles.

The Cryptoodle Genesis stage is a period of discovery for these 10,000 Toodles. They do not have much knowledge about the Cryptoodle Ecosystem as of right now, and their primary goal is to survive until the next stage.

10,000 Toodle Loot Bags were engineered to help these Toodles survive within the blockchain.


Toodle Loot Bags are NFT’s that serve as an application programming interface into the Cryptoodle blockchain. With Toodle Loot Bag NFTs, the holder will be able to perform actions such as farming native tokens and exploring new places.

Each Bag contains 8 different items that can be used by a Toodle. Sometimes the contents of the bag are common within the Cryptoodle Ecosystem, but some bags may contain unique items that may never appear in another bag.

Example of a Toodle Loot Bag

All bags increases a Toodle’s survival rate, but only some bags will help a Toodle advance the ecosystem into its next stage. The items that will help do that are yet to be determined.

What are Toodle Loot Bags?

Toodle Loot Bags are simply collectible NFT’s and generational seeds for the Cryptoodle ecosystem.

Growing the Cryptoodles Ecosystem to accept more participants are in the hands of the early Toodle Pioneers. With only 10,000 Toodle Loot Bags available, getting your hands on the right Bag is crucial for the survival of the Cryptoodles Ecosystem.

Toodle Loot Bag holders act as the pioneers of the Cryptoodle ecosystem, and are given more power and responsibilities from people that do not have a Toodle Loot Bag. Imagine being able to mint the only Toodle profile pictures to be used using a Toodle Loot Bag.

How Can I Get Toodle Loot Bags?

Toodle Loot Bags can be minted for free, just cover the gas fee needed to redeem the Bags. No fees are sent to the owner during minting, all fees associated are simply gas fees.

The following is a step by step guide in how to mint and view Toodle Loot Bags.

Toodle Loot Bags #1 to #8999 are available to the public. Toodle Loot Bags #9000 to #10,000 are reserved for Toodle Founders.

I Have a Toodle Loot Bag, What Now?

You can either keep the NFT in your collection, or find someone that is interested in acquiring the NFT from you.

Only the owner of the Bag will be able to use it within the Cryptoodle Ecosystem. How, why, and when they can use this NFT within Cryptoodles will be up to the owner of the Toodle Loot Bag.

To find someone interested in acquiring your NFT, visit OpenSea.


10,000 Toodle Loot Bag NFT’s will be available to the public for free. These limited edition NFT’s are meant to help the Toodles advance their civilization within the Cryptoodle Ecosystem.

While they are simply collectible NFT’s, these NFT’s also provide utility by allowing the holder to interact with the Cryptoodle Ecosystem.

With only 10,000 available right now, that will prove valuable to people looking to becoming one of the first Toodle Pioneers.

Grab a bag, Toodle.

Mint and interact with the smart contract at your own risk.




become #TOODLE. Our $TODL $BAG member tokens integrates together to create Cryptoodles, creator of the NFT2 standard on Ethereum.